Embrace who you are

Here is a treasure worth sharing.  It is about letting go of who you think you are supposed to be and embracing who you are.

Brene Brown is a research professor at University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She works to make sense of the messiness that is life, tackling the dark emotions that get in the way of leading a full life.


Every day we are barraged with images and messages telling us who, how and what we should be. We are sold the lie that perfection is both necessary and achievable. As we believe the message we also take on board the shadow side of fear, disappointment and shame. Those who are protected have learned to be wholehearted – to have a strong sense of their own worth.

Brene Brown is a great storyteller.  She makes her 10 years of research accessible to us by sharing her own struggles in coming to terms personally with what she discovered.  It changed the way she lives, loves, works and parents.

Listen to her speaking on the power of vulnerability. Her talk lasts for 20 minutes. Give yourself time to hear what she has to say. This is a treat you should not miss.

One of the many take home messages is that we find the most joy in the ordinary moments of life. She encourages us to honour what is ordinary in our lives because that is what is extraordinary.

And the power of the ordinary is that by embracing joy and love with gratitude, we fill our reservoirs with what we need when hard things happen.

Try having a day of gratitude today as you notice all the ordinary moments that give your life meaning. Fill up your reservoir, embrace who you are, and let me know how you get on.

2 thoughts on “Embrace who you are

  1. I listened to this lecture today having been greeted first thing this morning with a screaming email. The sort that has accusations and cutting words that slice and skewer into you. A message of complaint that was true. I had failed to give a perfect solution. I had made an error that made this person look bad. The short email travelled into my heart and made me feel bad. I also felt hurt and wanted to make excuses. I also felt cross that the person who sent it was not able to communicate without blame and bitterness. All they could see were the small splinters of human frailty and none of the towering oaks of achievement.
    I replied as graciously and humbly as I could and prayed for grace. I corrected the error and am looking to stop the gap that was revealed for future issues. I shared this pain with a friend who just loved me and heard me out. I listened to this talk and felt the joy and liberation of being fully human and OK that I am still a work in progress.
    I was able to receive today light for my life, light in my darkness form the One who is The Light of the world.

  2. Oh, Jacqui, what a shocking start to your day. Your tender heart shines through, and your graceful words help us to share your pain. Thank you for putting words to what so many of us only bury within ourselves.

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