The magic that is us

Have you ever thought about how unique you are?

Think of this – when you were conceived a random one of  around 35.000 eggs in your mother’s ovary was fertilised by a random one of up to 300 million sperm. The chance of their being another person exactly like you is so small it is negligible.  You are unique!  Now that feels special.

But we are more than unique, we are amazing.  I have watched babies being born and given birth to my own children. Seeing a tiny new body appear is an awesome and tender moment.  But when the baby takes its first breath and cries the moment becomes magical.  A new life has begun.

Understanding the marvel and the magic that is us is key to living our best life. Here is an inspiring glimpse into the excitement of a mathematical modeller as he discovered how technology gave him a window into the magic that is us.

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