Waiting for the wave

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAScrolling through the posts on the blog, you will notice long gaps between entries.  I had two false starts to launch the blog and disappeared off-line for long spells.  And yet I have never lost the drive to explore this subject with you. It matters too much to me.

The trouble is that the more I explored what having life to the full was all about, the more I realised what a huge challenge I was taking on, and the less I felt equipped to take on the task. Fear is not a generative emotion. I knew I needed a mentor but I didn’t know who to ask.

The most helpful comment came from a friend whose opinion I trust. “Maybe you are simply waiting for the wave” he mused.  His surfing metaphor became an aha moment. I have been standing on the edge, pumped up and longing to get going, but powerless until the wave comes.  The wave that brings energy, order and direction to my cluttered thinking. Waiting and preparing became exciting.

The wave came in the form of a group of women who write. Individual, creative, inspiring and beautiful women. Each with a story to tell, challenges they live with and a heart to share together. Their energy and support has launched me into the wind. You will meet them along the way.

“My time is not yet here”, said Jesus, when his brothers encouraged him to go public with his ministry. The word he used was kairos which means the right moment or season. He did not respond to pressure from other people’s perspective. Nor did he take matters into his own hands to manipulate and outcome. His attention was on a bigger picture which gave him inspiration to prepare and courage to wait for the season to arrive.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

Within the waiting there is a challenge to prepare and be ready when the wave arrives.

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